Bartending Services

Every event we’re involved in is as important to us as it is to you. All of our service team members are focused on helping your valued guests have a fantastic time. We are professional people-persons who know how to make great drinks with a smile on our face! In addition to that most important ingredient, we also always provide all the accoutrements of a properly set up bar. These include pour spouts, bar towels, shaker tins, strainers, wine keys, even coolers for ice and cold product storage and trash cans for keg chilling or refuse. Let us cover the beverage preparations so you can be a guest at your own party!

Special Services

Do you feel as if there are a million loose ends to tend to as you plan the big event? Let us tie up two big ones: Ice Service and Non-alcoholic Set-up Service. Our ice service will provide for plenty of ice to make cocktails in addition to chilling all of your beer, white wine, and Champagne. Don’t burden yourself with messy, bulky ice melting in your floorboard. Let us transport it ready to serve in clean, sanitary coolers. You’ll love our price for ice, too! Our non-alcoholic set-up service provides for all the fruit, juice, soda, and other bar mixes appropriate for a full bar stock. We’ll also bring enough soda, juice, and bottled water to satisfy all of your guests who choose not to drink alcohol. Over twenty different types of standard mixers are included in this package, and we even throw in beverage napkins and cocktail straws! Let us handle the mix, so you’re not left with a case of Sprite and four bottles of diet tonic water to stash in the garage!